Testing Time, and Anxiety Is High

Since early December the pace has increased, with nearly 18,000 eighth- and ninth-grade students taking the admission test for the city’s three specialized “science” high schools, Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Technical; more than 3,300 would-be art, drama, music and dance students auditioning at Fiorello La Guardia, and hundreds of others taking admissions exams for the city’s private nursery, elementary and high schools.

A few tests and auditions remain, but for most city parents and students, this is a time of waiting for results, most of which are made known in February.

Among the specialized public high schools, Stuyvesant is the most competitive — and this year, even more so. Apparently drawn by Stuyvesant’s $150 million new building, 9,336 eighth grade students took the Stuyvesant entrance exam this year, 2,156 more than last y犀利士 ear. That means that only about 9 of every 100 who tested will get into Stuyvesant, compared with about 37 out of 100 at Bronx Science, and 86 out of 100 at Brooklyn Technical. About 17 of 100 students who audition at La Guardia are expected to be admitted.