NYC mayoral candidates divided on politically fractious elite high school test

“We cannot have admissions practices that have nothing to do with the learning abilities or needs of our kids, that are frankly just testing how much income parents have and for low-income parents who are scraping it together instead of doing other things with their limited dollars,”

Maya Wiley

Brooklyn President Eric Adams states his SHSAT position

I believe Eric Adams wanted to do the right thing with the SHSAT exam.  He understands how detrimental it is, but ultimately didn’t think it was worth the fight.

we have to meet the demand of highly capable candidates who want a specialized high school seat by expanding seats overall. I am expanding on my existing call for new borough-based specialized high schools by recommending five such schools be created, one in each borough, with admissions considerations that include the SHSAT and academic portfolio standards such as class rank and state test scores.