Gifted Grade Schoolers To Get Special Instruction

This is where NYC’s infamous Gifted & Talented program all started.

The city school system will get its first program for teaching gifted elementary ‐school children this fall, following a vote to set up the program by’ the central Board of Education last night.

A grant of $60,000 from the Vincent Astor Foundation will finance two experimental “early ‐learner” classes, in Brooklyn and Manhattan, for especially bright children aged from 4 to 6 years.

And 2 years later…

The two existing experimental classrooms for 4‐to‐6‐year‐old pupils are situated in Public School 116 at 210 East 33d Street in Manhattan and P.S. 114 at 1077 Remsen Avenue in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn.

Students are selected from all boroughs on the basis of interviews, recommendations and tests and, according to Dr. Ehrlich, represent the top one‐half of 1 per cent of the pupil population.