City Council staffer accused of stoking tensions at protests over DOE’s plans to diversify NYC schools

I’ve seen this man at just about every SHSAT demonstration I’ve attended. He’s definitely one of its most prolific organizers.

The man who’s been the loudest in the raucous movement to oust Richard Carranza is on the payroll of one of the school chancellor’s biggest critics — and more than willing to take one for the team.

Queens activist Charles Vavruska works as a part time education director for City Council Member Robert Holden, and Carranza supporters are calling on the councilman to rein him in.

This is a low even for Council-member Holden.

UPDATE: Police statement

“All evidence in the investigation into this incident thus far shows that the person in the video was not actually struck,” she said in an email. “The report by the school safety agent on the scene of this incident says that a protestor pushed past another school safety agent, raised his foot in front of the Chancellor’s vehicle bumper, and then threw himself to the ground. The protestor immediately got back up and continued to protest, including running after the vehicle as it slowly moved away. No injuries were reported at the time, and the school safety agent stated that the protester “simulated” that he was struck by the vehicle. If any party has any additional information regarding this event, they are encouraged to share it with the NYPD.”

NYPD Statement