High-Stakes Standardized Testing Supporter: Andrew Gounardes

Senator Andrew Gounardes

Name: Andrew Gounardes
Senate Link: https://www.nysenate.gov/senators/andrew-gounardes
Phone: (718) 238-6044

Senator Andrew Gounardes defends the use of the single SHSAT multiple-choice test as the SOLE measure of a student’s ability without any reservation.  Senator Gounardes has a classic “Resource Hoarding” position.  His constituents are over-represented by the exam, hence he defends it.

Senator Gounardes also claims the typical “the test is not the problem” position.  He does not acknowledge anti-female bias in the SHSAT.

In the video below he also claims that many Democratic Senators also opposes the exam.  Senator Gounardes appears to be against school integration policies in general, e.g. D15 diversity plan.

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First, Specialized high schools have over 15,000 of the most sort after high school seats. So, no that’s not a small number.

Secondly, the 1% statistic Senator Gounardes uses is disingenuous since he’s considering all students from all grades and ages in the entire city. But still, specialized schools would account for more than 1% of students.

Thirdly, the SHSAT reform proposal is by no means the ONLY initiative put forward by the city’s department of education. Arguing it doesn’t solve all school problems is invalid. We should fix the use of a statistically biased exam, but ALSO continue to solve other education equity issues. So much for philoxenia he claims to believe in.

One thing’s clear, we won’t solve this issue while re-electing Democrats like Senator Andrew Gounardes. If you’re interested in a primary challenge and would like help, please reach out to NYCandidate.org