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  • Is the SHSAT a Valid Test?

    The fact that the test changes so frequently with no impact on the quality of graduates from the specialized high schools also argues against the utility of the exam as a necessary factor in that success. http://akilbello.com/is-the-shsat-a-valid-test/

  • AERA Position Statement on High-Stakes Testing

    The American Educational Research Association is the foremost and most respected national educational research society. Below is their opinions on using high-stakes testing in admissions. This position statement on high-stakes testing is based on the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The Standards represent a professional consensus concerning sound and appropriate test use in education and psychology.…

  • The Big Problem With the New SAT

    The SAT will remain a “norm-referenced” exam, designed primarily to rank students rather than measure what they actually know. Such exams compare students to other test takers, rather than measure their performance against a fixed standard. They are designed to produce a “bell curve” distribution among examinees, with most scoring in the middle and with…