Our Purpose

Our goal is to advocate the replacement of the Hecht-Calandra act. A terrible law passed 50 years ago out of fear. Interested in hearing more? Please sign up for our newsletter.


Over the almost 50 years of Hecht-Calandra act being law, we now have decades of research detailing the problems with high-stakes testing as the sole measure of student ability. Yet Hecht-Calandra, and the exam it authorizes,  continue to be New York State law due to popular misconceptions.

  1. SHSAT does not measure ability as accurately as School GPA
  2. SHSAT is objective depending on your definition of “objective”
  3. Every capable student knows about the SHSAT and how to prepare for it


Replace Hecht-Calandra act to allow modern psychometric testing practices that aren’t subject to the above issues.


Issues related to the SHSAT and Hecht-Calandra act have been historically confounded with passionate, though misguided racial issues and advocacy.